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Anytime Combo

Anytime Combo

The Anytime combo has been made for the forgetful amongst us (including us, but shhh) to give us instant hangover relief.

Did you forget to take GetSetPop Party Pills before drinking? Don't worry and pop a GetSetPop Party Strip after drinking. Don't think you'll remember taking either? Just stick a GetSetPop Party Patch during drinking.

With the Anytime Combo, you're invincible, curing hangovers will be easy and you can party the smart way!

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  • Scientifically-backed

  • 100% natural

  • Safe, no side effects

  • Doctor-Formulated

  • High-quality ingredients

  • Non-GMO

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The ultimate party essential

  • Our Party Pills are supposed to be had before drinking, but what if you forget to pop it?
  • Then you can have our Party Strips post drinking
  • But wait, what if you don't remember to do that as well? Just put a Party Patch anytime during drinking, and you're safe!
  • You only need to take just one of the 3 products for a fresh morning
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Our team of nutrition experts and scientists has answers.

We Want You to Ask Questions

How to consume GetSetPop Anytime Combo?

The GetSetPop Party Pills should be consumed 30 - 60 mins before drinking while the strips need to be consumed after your last drink. Apply 1-2 patches before or during drinking to a hairless area of the skin. It works well when applied to areas like the inner arm, shoulders, upper arm or thigh. Use any one of them at a time.

Do I need to take all three products together?

No, our product range has been designed to cater to you. You just need to take use of the three products at a time, depending on what you prefer - pre, post or during drinking

Why choose the GetSetPop Anytime Combo?

Having the GetSetPop handy will only bring you closer to killing your hangover smartly. If you forget to pop the pills, you know you can bank on the strips or patches for your hangover-free morning.

What happens if I take more than one product at a time?

Nothing, just better hangover defence.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Aditya P
So convenient !

I love the Anytime Combo! It's so convenient to have all three products in one place. The pills are easy to take, the strips dissolve quickly, and the patches stay on all night.

Manju Chatterjee
Adulthood Essential

The Anytime Combo: because adulthood is hard enough without hangovers.

Sameer Desai
Placebo Effect?

Not sure if it's a placebo, but it works for me! Maybe it's just in my head, but I feel less hungover when I use this. I'll keep buying it!

Pradeep Balan
Thankful Liver

My liver sends its thanks. I'm pretty sure my liver wrote me a thank-you note for introducing it to this miracle combo.

Natasha D'Souza
Morning Goddess

From hot mess to morning goddess. Thanks to the Anytime Combo, I can go from dancing on tables to brunch without missing a beat.